Cape Air

Daily Flights to and from Boston

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Cape Air (for reservations only) (800) CAPE-AIR (227-3247)
JetBlue (for reservations only) (800) 538-2583

  • Cape Air serves over 650,000 passengers annually with over 120,000 flights in destinations around the world including New England, the Caribbean, Florida, Indiana and Micronesia.
  • With a fleet of forty-nine Cessna 402’s and two ATR’s, Cape Air operates up to 850 flights per day during peak times in U.S. Domestic and International markets.
  • An employee-owned company, Cape Air has been honored by the Federal Aviation Administration with the Diamond Award for Outstanding Aircraft Maintenance.
  • The company partners with JetBlue and over 20 other major airlines and participates in reservations systems worldwide providing convenient connections for travelers around the Globe.