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Why Fly from RUT?

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • It’s convenient
  • Go anywhere from Logan International Airport

Save Time.

With flights departing to and arriving from Boston daily, traveling between Vermont and Boston has never been easier. Boston is one of the last great walking cities in America. Take the rapid transit downtown and begin your fun, or hop on the T and get anywhere in the city in just minutes.

Home to museums, historic neighborhoods, a world-famous aquarium, galleries, a vibrant theater scene, posh shopping, cherished sports teams, prestigious colleges, and diverse dining, there is no shortage of things to do in Boston.

Save Money.

Fly to Boston for only $99. Inclusive fares to other cities can save you even more. And here’s something that you rarely hear about anymore: you can fly from Rutland with a fully refundable ticket (RUT to BOS legs). Ask your travel agent for more details.

It’s Convenient.

The Rutland Southern Vermont Regional Airport offers many advantages over other airports. You don’t need a shuttle to get to the terminal, for example. Just park your car and you’re practically there. You won’t have to worry about long lines, off-site rental car counters, and many of the hassles associated with larger airports. Parking is free at the Rutland Southern Vermont Regional Airport.

And when you consider the rising costs of gas, city parking, wear and tear on your car, and your valuable time, flying makes even more sense. After all, time is money. And being stuck in traffic or on the road is money wasted.

From Logan International Airport, Go Anywhere.

Florida, California, Mexico, Europe…where will your wanderlust take you? From RUT, it can take you everywhere you want to go.
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