Why fly Southern Vermont Regional?

It saves time.

Flying from RUT is fast and easy. Getting to the airport is a breeze. And compared to driving, flying out of Rutland can save you three to six hours versus driving to other regional airports. Now, consider traffic. It takes only one traffic jam to make you miss your plane or appointment. Why would you risk that?

It’s economical.

Fly to Boston for only $99*. And inclusive fares to other cities can save you even more. Ask your travel agent for more details.

Parking is free at Southern Vermont Regional Airport. Try finding that at another airport, where parking can cost $15 to $20 a day!

And when you consider the rising costs of gas, city parking, wear and tear on your car, and your valuable time, flying makes even more sense. After all, time is money. And being stuck in traffic or on the road is money wasted.

It’s convenient.

The Southern Vermont Regional Airport offers many advantages over other airports. You don’t need a shuttle to get to the terminal, for example. Just park your car and you’re practically there. You won’t have to worry about long lines, off-site rental car counters, and many of the hassles associated with larger airports.

And here’s something that you rarely hear about anymore: you can fly from Rutland with a fully refundable ticket. (RUT to BOS legs)

It makes good business sense.

Sometimes, you need to do business face to face. Now, businesspeople can meet in Boston and be back in Rutland the same day. And you can connect to points worldwide from Logan International. Take advantage of business-friendly schedules to save time. And with direct access to downtown Boston via rapid transit, you won’t need a car. (Leave it in the free parking lot in Rutland.)

Less time. More convenience. Exciting destinations. What other reasons do you need?